Sunday, July 27, 2008

Waterfall Fun!

This is our beautiful waterfall that Jared built in our back yard. It is pondless, at my request, so that when it is not running, there is no standing water that would pose a threat to small children. There also, are a few more of my requests that he had to build into his plan. At first I didn't mind how he did it, but then I got to thinking and thought of a few things I wanted and told him what they were. He did a great job at incorporating my requests into his structural plan. When the waterfall is running it has a very relaxing sound. I love it!
We very much enjoy hanging out in our back yard. In fact I think we have eaten more meals out there, since it has been done, than in the kitchen! Jared has worked so hard and it shows.
This is Landon's first time playing in it. (Notice the left over Luau pary decorations) Of course, I had to capture it on film!

Eating rocks!
Falling over.
Eating more rocks...
And even more rocks!
I think that was his favorite part of the waterfall, the loose rocks on the bottom.


Becca said...

Love the background and your cute lil man. He sure does love those rocks and I hope you are loving your awesome back yard.

Missy said...

That looks awesome! Good job, Jared! Henry has always love to eat rocks, too. I thought he'd have outgrown it by now but he still does it now and then. :)

The Marchants said...

Sounds like Landon has had a busy summer. We just stay inside cause it's too hot to go out. At least now with school starting, we get out twice a day. Your yard is really, really nice. I can't believe I didn't see your sandpile.