Tuesday, July 15, 2008


We spent last week up at Pineview Resivoir. Here are a few of the pictures of all the fun we had!

Landon got a new car seat before we left and this is how excited he was, to be in it, when I was fitting it to him.

I think we need a bigger car if we plan to go on trips like this more often!

Our first meal at Pineview and Landon is feeding himself.

On the beach

Landon's cousin, Hallie eating a cookie!

Landon had his 1st birthday while we were there so Jare got him this cute cake and we all sang to him!

He wasn't real excited to eat his own big piece of cake! That's about as messy as he got, maybe a little messier, not much.

We went out on T&L's boat.

This is a picture of Heather, Kylee, Landon and me on the raft behind the boat. I think we went max 0.5 MPH. The kids enjoyed it though!

This is one of my best friends surfing! Way to go H-T!

This is Landon at the end of the boat outing,-(you can tell Lanny is done) with his cute cousins Kylee and Abby.

We had a great time and we are very excited for next year!


Colstars said...

So cute. He is such a happy little guy!

The Smiths said...

Hey Brandee and Jared!
I found your blog off of Mike Sorenson's. It's been years! Your little boy is such a stud! He is the cutest thing ever! Where are you guys living? Well...it was fun seeing your blog.
Take care!
Jill (Beck) Smith

Missy said...

Landon is so cute! I love the pics of him all bundled up in his life jacket. And the one of your stuffed car, too. We got a minivan even though we only have 2 kids and I love the space!