Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June activities

I just realized that I have not updated for a very long time. If I don't do it now, it might not happen 'til who knows when! Here are a few pics of Lanny's first trip to the Aquarium. We went with Heather, Christian, and Kaylee. He had a ball!! He loves fish and sharks. He still enjoys watching Nemo, but luckily he doesn't wake up in the middle of the night asking for it now. He also really enjoys watching Shark Tale, which he calls "Lenny" and that is what he calls all sharks. Overall it was a blast and I can't wait 'til we go again.

Most of these pics are the backs of their heads, but at least you can see the interest they had in the exhibits. I forgot to mention his favorite part, as I'm sure it is any kids; playing in the water. You can actually touch the Sting Rays, but Lanny's arms were too short so he just played in the water.

Thanks for the fun time guys!

A little update on the fam:

Lanny is growing and learning so much everyday I can not believe my eyes or ears. He is using sentences and communicating very well. He is a lil dare devil. He is not afraid of anything, sometimes he does things his 4 year old cousin won't do. He is getting excited for the baby to come, as far as I can tell. He points to all the baby stuff and says "baby", so atleast he knows there is a baby coming, whether he will enjoy it or not that's for us to find out.

Jare is working hard at work, home, and the cabin. He has been a great help with me these last few weeks and my pregnancy. I think next week I will officially put him on "light duty" at work, around the house, and everywhere he goes. (If you don't know the story of Lanny's birth, you should read it-then you would understand the "light duty" requirement.) (It is the post made Tuesday March 4 2008 The Story of Landon)

As for me, I'm still here waiting for this babe to come. I have 17 days 'til my due date. I am doing great, just experiencing a little Gastric Reflux-which I never had with Lanny- so if you have ever experienced this, I'm sure you feel for me when I have to bend over and pick up toys off the floor. Not so pleasant. Other than that things are great, baby's growing and measuring healthy! We'll keep ya posted.