Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our Month in photos

I'm a little behind, so here comes a bunch of pictures for you to sort through and enjoy.

Happy Easter!
Easter Morning. He was so excited to see his things.

For Easter, GG (Great Grandma to Landon) did a huge Easter Egg hunt for the kids. (Pretty much Landon and Christian) Of course she had things for her grand kids hidden, but it was mostly for the two boys. She certainally spoiled them. Landon sure had a blast finding the eggs. You could obviously see the ones she hid for him, but he wasn't going for those ones, they were to easy to find. He was going for the ones you would think he wouldn't be able to find. I had to pick up the ones that were hidden in plain sight for him. He got a McQueen car and Mater truck from his cousin that he WILL NOT put down and we can't go anywhere without them. Thanks little C!Again, we love the sun and warm weather. I couldn't get over these nerdy sunglasses! He actually left them on so I was quite excited. Also we love our Superbowl mats they work great for when Mom needs to sit in the sand and dig too! Thanks U.S. Novelty & Ziggos for the glasses and mats, we really appreciate them! Girl Scouts field trip to the Panetarium. Afterwards Abigail bought us all suckers with crickets in them. The girls were more brave then me and ate their suckers. I don't know if they ate the crickets or not because at that point the girls had gone home. I certainaly didn't.This is Landon I was getting ready for the day. He found a nice place to play! We love our toy box, thanks Grandma and Grandpa.
And yet, another Girl Scout field trip to the rehabilitation center. It was a lot of fun and I think the girls and residents really enjoyed it.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

We are ready for spring!

I love having the nice spring days when we can play outside. I am ready for the rain/snow to be over.
The weather was nice last week and we took full advantage of it by playing outside all day.
Here are a few photos.

The sandbox with a lot more G.I. Joes to play with.

Climbing the fountain.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Baby Fitts

Yay! Jared fixed my computer and now I can post the long awaited photo of Baby Fitts! Actually I put the disc in and there was only 2 pics on it, quite disappointing, anyway here is one for you to view. It is an ultrasound photo of the face. I certainally hope it comes out a little more attractive than this scary picture! And one of these days, if you're lucky, I'll post a pic of what I look like with the baby inside my belly!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Plans for the 4th of July?

I don't know how many of you know, but we are expecting your second child on the 4th of July! How appropriate for a fun, Patriotic, fire-work lovin family! We'll see if it really happens--Landon came 6 days early. As for now we are preparing for this little one to come into our lives and we are so excied!!

Is it a boy?

Is it a girl?
Any guesses?

Who knows! We have decided to wait until the 4th of July to find out ourselves. Here are a few pics of my ultrasound that I had at 18 weeks (4.5 months), which now I am 25 weeks (about 6.5 months) along, so it has been a while. What can I say I am a slacker!!

Little side note* the computer is not cooperating with me so I'll have to get the pics added a little later.

Visit us again to see our growing little baby!