Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gardner Photography- family pictures

We finally had our family pictures taken! We went to Wheeler Farm and the boys had a ball. They loved climbing on the tractors and enjoyed seeing the animals.

We HEART our photographer. Her name is Heather from Gardner Photography. She was very cute and patient with the boys. She worked very hard to get the photos that I specifically wanted and then she was quite creative herself. I love the end result. We got TONS of pictures and 3 different styles in each photo. (I have only posted the colored ones) She does high contrast color, muted colors, black and white, and sepia. The turn around time was very quick. Did I mention, I love 'em?

Anyway, take a look yourself and notice what a HAM my little Landon is. (I posted a lot of his funny pictures)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A little update

We got a new cabinet in our kitchen and the boys were breaking it in for me!

Crazy little Lanny playing in the old cabinet.

Calvi finally weighs enough to be forward facing in the car. He got a new car seat. Yay Cal!

WaRd CaMpOuT!!

The kids loved throwing rocks in the river.

It was just an over nighter, but we had a lot of fun! Landon was so excited to sleep in a tent again.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

August 5th

Nothin' like an ice cream cone and playin' with a cousin on a hot summer day!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Poor Calvi

This weekend we went to the cabin, which the boys absolutely loved. Before we left, I took Cal to the Dr to check if his ear infection was cleared up (he had been kind of cranky for a few days and he had a fever). The Dr said everything was okay; ears healthy and throat good; and to just keep giving him Tylenol and Motrin for his fever.

So we went up to the cabin with our medicine and plans to have a great weekend with family. While we were there, Cal continued to have his fever, sometimes worse than others. On Sunday, his temperature dropped back to normal. YAY! Then he developed a rash all over his body and face. It turns out that he has Enterovirus which is a summer time virus, with no special treatment. It just needs to run its course. Once the rash shows up, they are usually on the mend--Hooray for Calvi. (and me) So here's the catch: the age range for people who are at high risk is 1-3 yr olds, although anyone can get it. The virus is contagious only when the child is experiencing fevers. Well... that is a bit of information I would prefer to know BEFORE we spent the whole weekend with a bunch of toddlers and family.

Calvi is doing better now, but he still is cranky. He still has the rash, but each day is getting better. I sure hope no one in our family comes down with this, it is not pleasant. Sorry guys, good luck to you and your families.

Swimming lessons

Today was our first day of swimming lessons. Landon has been so excited to take a swimming class. He did great. His class has 4 children in it and they are all his cousins. It was so cute to watch them learn and play together. We are looking forward to the next few classes with them!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Last night we went to the SSL city fireworks, something we look forward to every year! I am always excited to visit and catch up with all the people I haven't seen for a while...about a year. This year I didn't see very many, those who I saw it was good to see you and those who I usually see and didn't-I miss ya and hope you are doing well-maybe next year. We did, however, sit in a different area so maybe that is why, anywho, here are a few pics of the evening!

My Dad was sweet and let us borrow ear muffs because my children are not a fan of how loud the fireworks are. Landon, wasn't a fan of the fireworks at all- he first made Jared cover his eyes and then he watched from underneath his blanket. Silly guy!

The SSL city parade this morning. I can not believe how much candy my boys got. I have never seen that much candy at a parade!---Landon was such a fan of the ear muffs he practically slept in them. We had to wear them because the sirens were loud at the parade.


My friend's sister has this amazing little shop on Etsy where she sells hand knitted items. They are darling! Just take a look!

her Etsy shop:

Right now she is doing a giveaway. She will be picking one person to chose one item of their choice from her shop. It's very simple to enter. Here is the link with all you need to know about the giveaway!

All entries must be in by Sunday night. Have fun and good luck!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

We love Grandma's house!

Here are a few pictures of the fun we have been having while staying at Grandma Susan's house.

Calvin had his very first sucker, thanks Grandma Tess!
Often times, this is our lunch bunch (give or take a few kiddies.)
Look how quickly moods can change when posing kids for a picture. The top picture is the children getting on the swing, getting ready for the picture. The bottom picture is how they ended up after I snapped a few quick pictures.
We went and got family haircuts at cookie cutters. The kids had a blast! (Even though Landon HATES the clippers.) Hallie sat in the pink car, Cole rode on the motorcycle, and Landon rode in the airplane.

We play dress up and run around the house shooting the "Z's" on the walls.