Saturday, July 03, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Last night we went to the SSL city fireworks, something we look forward to every year! I am always excited to visit and catch up with all the people I haven't seen for a while...about a year. This year I didn't see very many, those who I saw it was good to see you and those who I usually see and didn't-I miss ya and hope you are doing well-maybe next year. We did, however, sit in a different area so maybe that is why, anywho, here are a few pics of the evening!

My Dad was sweet and let us borrow ear muffs because my children are not a fan of how loud the fireworks are. Landon, wasn't a fan of the fireworks at all- he first made Jared cover his eyes and then he watched from underneath his blanket. Silly guy!

The SSL city parade this morning. I can not believe how much candy my boys got. I have never seen that much candy at a parade!---Landon was such a fan of the ear muffs he practically slept in them. We had to wear them because the sirens were loud at the parade.


melissa said...

ha ha! earmuffs? what a good idea. my sister's girls hate fireworks. love it.

The Baker Family said...

It was good to see you for a second. I'll miss the fun this month, I'll be at school, but I'll catch up next time!!!