Monday, July 26, 2010

Poor Calvi

This weekend we went to the cabin, which the boys absolutely loved. Before we left, I took Cal to the Dr to check if his ear infection was cleared up (he had been kind of cranky for a few days and he had a fever). The Dr said everything was okay; ears healthy and throat good; and to just keep giving him Tylenol and Motrin for his fever.

So we went up to the cabin with our medicine and plans to have a great weekend with family. While we were there, Cal continued to have his fever, sometimes worse than others. On Sunday, his temperature dropped back to normal. YAY! Then he developed a rash all over his body and face. It turns out that he has Enterovirus which is a summer time virus, with no special treatment. It just needs to run its course. Once the rash shows up, they are usually on the mend--Hooray for Calvi. (and me) So here's the catch: the age range for people who are at high risk is 1-3 yr olds, although anyone can get it. The virus is contagious only when the child is experiencing fevers. Well... that is a bit of information I would prefer to know BEFORE we spent the whole weekend with a bunch of toddlers and family.

Calvi is doing better now, but he still is cranky. He still has the rash, but each day is getting better. I sure hope no one in our family comes down with this, it is not pleasant. Sorry guys, good luck to you and your families.


melissa said...

I hate when kids get sick! Especially on vacation. I think sometimes it's just as hard on the moms as the little ones.

tyler and shannon said...

I totally understand how you feel. Logan got hand foot and mouth but I didn't know until he started getting the rash and I had been watching other kids. As far as I know we passed it to four others. Not good. It's hard to see our kids be sick especially when it is something that just has to take its course.