Sunday, July 27, 2008

Waterfall Fun!

This is our beautiful waterfall that Jared built in our back yard. It is pondless, at my request, so that when it is not running, there is no standing water that would pose a threat to small children. There also, are a few more of my requests that he had to build into his plan. At first I didn't mind how he did it, but then I got to thinking and thought of a few things I wanted and told him what they were. He did a great job at incorporating my requests into his structural plan. When the waterfall is running it has a very relaxing sound. I love it!
We very much enjoy hanging out in our back yard. In fact I think we have eaten more meals out there, since it has been done, than in the kitchen! Jared has worked so hard and it shows.
This is Landon's first time playing in it. (Notice the left over Luau pary decorations) Of course, I had to capture it on film!

Eating rocks!
Falling over.
Eating more rocks...
And even more rocks!
I think that was his favorite part of the waterfall, the loose rocks on the bottom.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Let's Luau!

HaPpY 1st BiRtHdAy LaNdOn!

For Landon's first birthday party, we had a big Luau in our back yard! We had it decorated so good that sometimes I actually thought I was on the beach! Not really, but it looked great! I didn't get very many pictures of all the great Luau decorations, but hopefully you can imagine you are at your own Luau on the beach!

Here is all the food!

We had a little kiddie pool set up and we put a bunch of Luau rubber duckies in it and let them float around so the kiddies could play with them.

We decorated the waterfall, that Jared worked so hard on, fo soooo long (I'm glad he's done) with a Luau theme kit. It is used fish net draped along the fence, with starfish, sea shells, crabs and seahorses randomly placed on it. The left over crabs and lobsters were placed in the falls!

Some of our guests enjoying themselves. I say some because I know some of you would have my head if I put your picture on here!

We even had a special Luau dancer that did the hula on the beach!

Gifts! Landon did okay with this part, until he got his broom then I unwrapped the rest of them.

THE BROOM! Cake time! Landon wasn't real interested in playing in the cake, but we gave it another try. (He wasn't interested in my last post either) He pretty much just ate the Gold Fish crackers off the top of it.Some more of our decorations.
We had a HUGE authentic sand pile in the drive way to give an even stronger sense of being at the beach!

There were Hula girls greeting people at the door.

All in all, we had a great time. I really enjoyed hosting the big Luau party and I certainly hope the guests had as much fun. Thank you all for coming and for the great gifts you gave Landon. He loves them all. Everyday I am cleaning and re-cleaning the living room from his new toys!
A special thanks to:
for all the great decorations that supplied us with endless fun!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


We spent last week up at Pineview Resivoir. Here are a few of the pictures of all the fun we had!

Landon got a new car seat before we left and this is how excited he was, to be in it, when I was fitting it to him.

I think we need a bigger car if we plan to go on trips like this more often!

Our first meal at Pineview and Landon is feeding himself.

On the beach

Landon's cousin, Hallie eating a cookie!

Landon had his 1st birthday while we were there so Jare got him this cute cake and we all sang to him!

He wasn't real excited to eat his own big piece of cake! That's about as messy as he got, maybe a little messier, not much.

We went out on T&L's boat.

This is a picture of Heather, Kylee, Landon and me on the raft behind the boat. I think we went max 0.5 MPH. The kids enjoyed it though!

This is one of my best friends surfing! Way to go H-T!

This is Landon at the end of the boat outing,-(you can tell Lanny is done) with his cute cousins Kylee and Abby.

We had a great time and we are very excited for next year!