Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

We started our day, as usual, eating breakfast. Landon still had his mo-hawk from the night before because I actually put a little gel in it. I decided after breakfast we would give him his first hair cut! That was an adventure in itself! I showed Landon the clippers (turned on) and let him hold them before I did anything. He was intrigued with them, but the second I started to cut his hair, he was not having it! It's a good thing he was in his chair and couldn't go anywhere. I went so fast that I'm sure I missed a few strands, but overall he looks like a little boy! (It's about time huh? His hair was getting so long, I just didn't dare cut it-afraid I'd mess up or something!)

Let me remind you of my last post, as we watched the parade last weekend, Landon hated the loud noises and firecrackers. He cried. On the 3rd of July, we attended the South Salt Lake City fireworks at Granite High School. Something we do every year. Landon didn't seem to have a problem with the fireworks last year.... that's probably because he was still in my belly and the loud noises were muffled. This year however, he screamed and cried in the beginning, then Jare cradled him and he fell asleep and slept through the rest of the show. What a difference from his first reaction to the loud noises.

Then on the 4th, Landon and I went to a BBQ at my sister's, where they lit fireworks in their street for us to watch.

This is Landon watching a smoke bomb!

This is Landon watching a small twisting thing with popping sounds at the end. When we got to the popping sounds at the end, it scared him so bad we went in the house and there we spent the rest of the evening.

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Becca said...

Fun!! haircuts!! I need to give JR one but that is how he has been since his first one. He is such a cute lil man and can you believe he will be one? Cute invites by the way. We are excited.