Friday, August 29, 2008

Another week of fun!

Tuesday was $2 Tuesday at Thanksgiving Point so we decided to go see what it was all about. We had planned on going to the Museum of Ancient Life but... the line went around the building. thanks! So we went to the little petting zoo. We rode with Jordan, Lexie, and Becca and met the other cousins there. (except the Grays, but we met up with them for lunch after) Here are a few pics. I wish I had a pic of the three kids in the back of the car, it was adorable!

Landon loved the chicks!

Landon loved all of the animals and he wanted to touch every single one. Every time I would push the stroller close so he might be able to reach them, Jordan would start saying: "no, no, no, no..." you get the picture. So anyway, we didn't get too close.

Thursday, I got a belated birthday gift for Landon, from some of our good friends. We let Landon open it and he loved it! He has been playing with it ever since. Thanks Batemans, I just wanted you to see how much he is enjoying it!

He has however played with some other toys, but only if he could reach them from standing in his new Ball Arena tent.

Friday I was doind laundry and decided to let Lanny help me!

He's pulling the caution sticker off because I'm sure it says something about not letting small children crawl into the dryer!--and he didn't want me to know.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Go Bees!

My work, Mountain Medical Imaging Center, in Salt Lake, provided tickets for all the employees and their families to go to The Salt Lake Bees game. Bees vs. Tucson. Bees 6, Tucson 2. Way to go Bees!
At first Landon wasn't so sure about all the loud noise, but as the night went on he was fine. He even started cheering with us. We sat next to one of the Dr.'s wifes and her mom. They were very sweet to us and Landon. We also sat next to Casey and Becca and their kiddos. Boy, Jordan was so excited when he saw that Landon was there. It was fun to get together with friends(and family) outside of work and met their families.
We had a great time! Thanks Mountain Medical!
Here are a few pictures of our night.

Our family

Landon and Jordan being BIG boys and sitting in their own seats

Jordan cheering on the Bees

My friend Tamie holding my adorable niece Lexie next to my friend Linda's daughter. Cute girls!

Landon shared a shaved ice with me and he loved it! I could not get it in his mouth fast enough. As you can see he did wear quite a bit of it too!

Later in the night, Landon became fascinated with an empty water bottle. He played with it for quite some time.

We really did have a great time and I must admit how surprised I was that Landon made it to the end of the game. We planned on leaving early because we thought he wouldn't be happy that long, but he was!
This is Landon just before we left. Pretty happy!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

1 Whole Year!

It has been a little over 1 year since we were blessed with our little angel! Our year(and 1 month) has been filled with a lot of fun, frustration, and learning. No only for Jared and I, but for Landon as well. We have adjusted and gotten a routine(of course now that I say that it will change). Landon has been such a good baby for us, I only hope his next year he will do the same. We love being a family!

Not a lot has happened these past two weeks.-Hence the lack of posts. However, I did take Landon for his One Year check up. He is doing great. The last check up he had was at 6 months and BOY! has he grown. He went from the 30% to the 51% in weight. He is still in the 70% for height so that is good too. The sweet boy above, born at 6lbs 11oz. now weighs 23lbs. 6oz. I'm sure some of you were wondering if he would ever get chunky!
My reasoning for choosing this picture is so that we can all remember how little he was 1 year ago. Plus if you see how happy he is, then you can understand a little of what it was like when he got his 6 immunization shots. Poor little guy. Two nurses on each side of him, while I held his arms in front, gave him 3 shots in each leg. They did it this way so it would be quick. I'm sure it was, but it didn't seem like it. You should have seen the look he gave me when they poked him with the first one, and from then on...well you can only guess.
I'm glad to say that it is over and he survived. We don't need shots for another 6 months and even then there won't be as many. Thank goodness! Now we just need to hang in ther for the next two weeks and hopefully they won't affect him too much.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Clean & Dirty!

Here are a few of Landon's 1st's this summer.

The last two weeks we have been doing a lot of fun things, some of them Landon's 1st. Here is Lanny eating his first Orange Creamsicle bar.
He loved it until he realized how cold it really was!
We have been to the zoo several times, but this particular time Landon decided to point to the monkeys and try to say monkey. Every time we would see monkeys, he say the same two syllables and point. Oh! he's growing and learning so fast!

Last Wednesday we went to Steiner pool at the U of U. Landon loved the water! He was only in this float seat for a few minutes until they told us we couldn't use it. After that he just swam with me(mommy). My favorite part is when I would set him on the side of the pool so that his feet were dangling in the water, he would jump in and I would catch him! He was not afraid of the water at all!

Okay, so Jared wanted to build a huge sandbox for Landon, but I told him it needed to be done before Landon's birthday party. (so he did) I'm sad to say that his birthday came and went and we still hadn't used the sandbox.-- sorry Jare.
We went out and played in it last night after dinner and we even invited Christian to play with us. Because we knew Christian was coming, Jared found the box of G.I. Joes he bought for Landon, (before he was born) and brought them out for us to use.

Landon loved playing with his shovel. Most of the time he had it in his mouth along with all the sand that was stuck to it!

Chistian found a G.I. Joe trying to escape through the fence!

Landon found his toes!

Soon they were playing together.

We all got dirty, but had a really good time!