Sunday, August 03, 2008

Clean & Dirty!

Here are a few of Landon's 1st's this summer.

The last two weeks we have been doing a lot of fun things, some of them Landon's 1st. Here is Lanny eating his first Orange Creamsicle bar.
He loved it until he realized how cold it really was!
We have been to the zoo several times, but this particular time Landon decided to point to the monkeys and try to say monkey. Every time we would see monkeys, he say the same two syllables and point. Oh! he's growing and learning so fast!

Last Wednesday we went to Steiner pool at the U of U. Landon loved the water! He was only in this float seat for a few minutes until they told us we couldn't use it. After that he just swam with me(mommy). My favorite part is when I would set him on the side of the pool so that his feet were dangling in the water, he would jump in and I would catch him! He was not afraid of the water at all!

Okay, so Jared wanted to build a huge sandbox for Landon, but I told him it needed to be done before Landon's birthday party. (so he did) I'm sad to say that his birthday came and went and we still hadn't used the sandbox.-- sorry Jare.
We went out and played in it last night after dinner and we even invited Christian to play with us. Because we knew Christian was coming, Jared found the box of G.I. Joes he bought for Landon, (before he was born) and brought them out for us to use.

Landon loved playing with his shovel. Most of the time he had it in his mouth along with all the sand that was stuck to it!

Chistian found a G.I. Joe trying to escape through the fence!

Landon found his toes!

Soon they were playing together.

We all got dirty, but had a really good time!


Becca said...

love the creamsicle face- poor boy.

melissa e. said...


Thanks for calling today. You little family is beautiful. I'll sit down later when I have time to read up without the kiddos. I will be checking out your blog often!

ours is...