Friday, August 29, 2008

Another week of fun!

Tuesday was $2 Tuesday at Thanksgiving Point so we decided to go see what it was all about. We had planned on going to the Museum of Ancient Life but... the line went around the building. thanks! So we went to the little petting zoo. We rode with Jordan, Lexie, and Becca and met the other cousins there. (except the Grays, but we met up with them for lunch after) Here are a few pics. I wish I had a pic of the three kids in the back of the car, it was adorable!

Landon loved the chicks!

Landon loved all of the animals and he wanted to touch every single one. Every time I would push the stroller close so he might be able to reach them, Jordan would start saying: "no, no, no, no..." you get the picture. So anyway, we didn't get too close.

Thursday, I got a belated birthday gift for Landon, from some of our good friends. We let Landon open it and he loved it! He has been playing with it ever since. Thanks Batemans, I just wanted you to see how much he is enjoying it!

He has however played with some other toys, but only if he could reach them from standing in his new Ball Arena tent.

Friday I was doind laundry and decided to let Lanny help me!

He's pulling the caution sticker off because I'm sure it says something about not letting small children crawl into the dryer!--and he didn't want me to know.


Leslie said...

We tried to head there last week and saw the line around the building so we ended up at IKEA instead. Glad to see that you had fun! He is so cute.

heather ann said...

Cute! It looks like Landon is taking that close up picture of himself. haha, he is getting so big!

Valerie said...

It is not hard to get Landon to smile. He is so cute!