Tuesday, April 05, 2011

FuN fUn FuN!

So here are a few things we have done so far this year...that have been captured on film.

I was doing the laundry one day and Landon INSISTED that he lay on the washing machine and take a little "rest"-doesn't look too comfy!

We love blueberry smoothies...especially when we are wearing white shirts! Chip-ees are always a great snack. We went to Kangaroo Zoo for Cole's 5th birthday and had a blast!

We then went to the Hogle Zoo at the end of February and Landon kept asking "what zoo?"

He was very disappointed when he learned that the Hogle Zoo was not the Kangaroo Zoo!

These boys' favorite thing to do in the morning...watch a "show" on Daddy's phone.

We played out in the snow and built a snowman that didn't even last through the day.

For some reason all children that come to our house, love these glasses. I couldn't leave this photo out.



This is a photo of one of my projects I finished. I have nicely organized my closet. Keep in mind the BEFORE was my closet, with Jared's stuff shoved and crammed in so the house construction could be completed.

Another one of my projects that I completed was the Laundry room...the old Laundry room. I got it organized and in shape to have a smooth flowing laundry process. I LOVED it! It was great...but now the Laundry room is down in the basement and right now it is chaos! I guess I shouldn't have wasted my time, but it was great for the few months that it lasted, plus how was I to know it was going to end up downstairs.

I guess I should mention the reason why the Laundry room has been moved downstairs. We have decided to turn the "old laundry room" into a nursery.

We are having baby #3!

whether it's a boy or a girl, we do not know. We will find out May 19th (or sometime around there- depending when the little babe decides to enter this world). We are very excited!! It sure seems like time is flying by and like we are running out of time to get all of our "projects" done before this wee little one arrives.


Shannon said...

oh yay, that is so fun. Congrats! Your boys are adorable and I can't wait to hear what you have.

heather ann said...

Oh I just love you guys! Your kiddies are so cute. Landon looks like he is having lots of fun climbing that ladder at Kangaroo Zoo! Good thing you didn't get a picture of me, Landon and Hallie falling down it!