Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy 2011!

Ok so I have failed at blogging for the most part of the 2010 year. I am hoping to be better at it this year and I am going to start with a recap of 2010.

January= Happy New Year 2010-who knew this year would bring so much to our family. Jared's trip to New Orleans.
February= My first photo shoot with my new Christmas camera. (Landon was napping so he got left out)
March= begin house construction move in with Grandma Susan,Grandpa Boompa, Heather, Colette, Cole, Hallie, and Eli. It was a FULL house! (I had pre construction pictures of our house, but I can not find them ANYWHERE-so frustrating)Our house on the move!
April= House still under construction, my 29th birthday, and Easter
May= House still under construction. Long needed vacation to Disneyland, Sea World, and our favorite- the beach.
Our storage room
June= We moved home, construction sill everywhere, and Calvin's first birthday!
Our new front porch.
Following are the effects of moving a house. I would say every wall in the house has at least 2-3 large cracks like these. Little did we know that we would have to re-do almost everything in the house:

Happy Birthday Calvi! We love you!

July= Landon's 3rd birthday, Landon and Calvin had a "Western Cowboy Party", and our annual trip to Pineview.

August= Family Photos (I did do 2 posts earlier for August-yay me!-check those) September= Our marriage turned 6 years! Landon's first day of pre-school; I am a proud mother! We went with Papa to see the trains. October= Wheeler Farm fun, Our trip to New York City, Our Halloween Party with the fam, and Remmington our new puppy!
November= One project after another! Beginning of siding project. Begin/finish living room project.
Before siding removal
After removal

Calvin is Daddy's little helper.

December= Winter fun and the Boys' Christmas Pictures


Aimee said...

Wow! It looks like you guys have had a crazy busy, but fun and exciting year!

I love those pictures of Calvin.

Your boys are adorable and getting so big!

The Baker Family said...

WOW! Way to accomplish all of that in one year. Good job! Do it now while your family is on the smaller side! Next play date is TOTALLY at your house!

Shannon said...

Amazing how much you accomplished with two cute kids. I am glad you have your house back and it looks awesome. Hope all is well!

melissa said...

Brandee, your family is darling. And I had no idea you could just move a house! Have fun with your new basement.