Wednesday, April 20, 2011

30 Years already?

Happy 30th Birthday to me! I can not believe I'm 30. Boy how time goes by.

I had a wonderful day spent with my little family I've made, and later in the day, my extended family.

I must mention my most favorite gift of the day had to be my boys' hair cuts. Landon hates to get his hair cut, so I asked him if he would let me cut his hair for my birthday and he was a very good sport about it. -I still would say he HATES to get his hair cut.

Calvin did very well, he just sat there quietly and didn't even move.

Thanks Boys!!

The other day I went down stairs to start a load of laundry in my new "basement" laundry room and this is what I came back upstairs to...a laundry basket (that I had just emptied) full of two cute boys!

As I mentioned above, I have a new laundry room in the basement. The old laundry room is being turned into the Nursery for baby #3! I have 4 weeks until my "due date" I guess we probably should get going on the nursery. This week for FHE we worked a little on it as a family. (I''m sure we were more a hindrance than a help, but the boys had the time of their life thinking they were helping build the room for their baby sibling)

I really think the boys are excited to get a new baby whether it's a boy or a girl. (Although Landon could tell you otherwise-he absolutely knows its a boy and does NOT want a little sister!) They will be such great, BIG Brothers.

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melissa said...

happy birthday and congrats on baby 3!!! how exciting. you're a cute momma, you'll have fun with 3 little munchkins running around. But take it from me_it's crazy!!!