Thursday, April 28, 2011

A few projects...

For some reason I am thinking life as I know it ends after baby #3 so I am trying to get all my "projects" done before then...but for some reason, as I finish 1 item, 3 more have been added to the list. I'm beginning to wonder if I will be successful at this rate.

Here are a few of the projects I have completed along with some fun pics of the boys!

Matching sailboat quilts for the boys (which I started FOREVER ago) and fish pillows to go along with. Landon's blanket has blue outline around the sailboats while Calvin's has green. (Basically the only way to tell them apart) and the fish on the pillows have coordinating eye colors; blue and green. (their names are also on the back of the pillows)

While purchasing the piping for the pillows above, Landon saw this shark fabric and REALLY wanted it. I bought some and made him a little apron out of it, since he's getting a too big for the one he has. He loves to put his apron on and help me make bread.

We received this little toddler bed from my Sister-in-law, which came in handy when we were out of our house during the BIG construction. Now that we are having another baby, we need a crib and I asked Landon if he would be willing to move to another bed and give his bed up to Calvin, who would be giving his crib up for the baby. The only way I could get him to change beds was if I painted his "new" bed darker blue. So I have painted it blue (which once was white), sanded it down to antique it, and then applied a glaze to finish it off. I'm not sure about how it turned out yet, but Landon was so excited he came home from school and climbed right into it! I didn't get any close up pics beause I'm not real sure about how it turned out and plus my camera is being really fuzzy that the ones I did take turned out horrible--this project brings with it another project--repaint their room!

Calvin was even pretty excited about it. He played on it the whole time Landon was at school.

This is how I have been keeping up on the dishes, so that I have time to do my fun projects. But...don't forget, you must have your snow boots on in order to do the dishes!

Calvin and I went out shopping today. He insisted that he walk and carry our goods while I push an empty stroller.

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The Marchants said...

Those quilts are so stinkin' cute! I love the picture of them doing to dishes together, especially in their boots! I'll have to come see the bed project in person some time soon!