Saturday, September 27, 2008

Busy week

We went to Fitts park and played on the new playground area.

We had visitors.



And we went to the Zoo with Daddy! (Along with Casey, Becca, Jordan, and Lexie-but I'm afraid we don't have any pictures to prove it. ) What happend? Usually I'm taking pictures left and right. Thanks for the fun time Fitts'.

Landon kept his sunglasses on for about 10 minutes! Better than the usual, 10 seconds.


The Marchants said...

You guys always have a busy week. Your family pictures are very cute. Who did them for you? You're lucky you only have one kid to try and keep happy, I don't even like thinking about getting family pictures done again.

Becca said...

Love the pics of the zoo- that is a cute on of Landon and his daddy and of course you and your cute boy with sunglasses- i didn't even bring my camera- honestly I think i am losing it (my mind- that is)