Sunday, September 14, 2008

Utah State Fair

Ok so we did it. We went to the State Fair. It actually was quite fun. On our way in, after driving around trying to find a parking spot for a while, some random guy asked us if we had tickets. It turned out he had two extra tickets and so he just gave them to us. BONUS! I was going to purchase discount tickets at Smith's but didn't end up doing it before we went. I guess it's a good thing I didn't! Thank you some random guy.
Landon loved every minute of it. He especially liked when he could touch the animals. It was all we could do to keep him from trying to touch the ones he shouldn't.
Here is some pictures of our night:
For some reason Jared and I were looking forward to trying the deep fried menu. We got a deep fried PB&J sandwich and a deep fried Snickers. We figured we had to atleast try it since we were there. The PB&J sandwich wasn't too bad. I really liked how the PB was kind of melted, but other than that, I don't think I would eat it again. The Snickers on the other hand, I did not like anything about it. I had one bite and that was it! Landon really enjoyed the forks!
Landon could not keep his curious little fingers out of the rabbit cages.
Sorry about the angle it was our only photo op considering the Bull was surrounded by people.


Eddie said...

What wrong with the angle on that last pic? I think it perfect!

melissa e. said...

Love that horse's bum!

I had no idea that you could deep fry pb&J. You learn something new everyday.

Cody and Kylie said...

we had so much fun at the fair with you guys too! Not to mention I had so much fun making little Lando giggle! Love you guys!!!!