Thursday, October 02, 2008

Another day at the Zoo

We have a season pass to Utah's Hogle Zoo, so, yes we went again. We love the ZOO! (It reminds us of home) This time we had different company. Here are a few pictures of the fun we had.

We said good bye to the "Ghost of the Bayou" the white alligator. He is going back to New Orleans. He was visiting us here in Utah. Visit this link for more information about this beautiful reptile.
We finally got to ride the Carousel and Landon didn't like it so much. That would be the reason why I say "WE" got to ride the Carousel. He was riding the Elephant by hims self, but as soon as it started, he wanted off. I climbed on with him and he enjoyed it a little more after that.


Brand797 said...

Come on Ang, where's your comment?

The Baker Family said...

K, your baby is so cute! Isn't it such a different life being a mom? Talk to you soon!

The Marchants said...

Well, I thought I'd wait a few days before I posted a comment this time. I saw your cute zoo poster in your yard this morning. Landon is lucky you like animals. My kids are lucky if I ever take them to the zoo.