Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Parties

Landon got invited to his first Halloween party this year. -Thanks Bateman's! Christian came along with us. The boys had a blast! We searched for Halloween rubber duckies in the back yard, we ate pizza, there was a pinata, they played pin the eye on the monster and they did a ring toss on to a spider with legs pocking up. Then they decorated cupcakes. Landon just ate the candy that was supposed to go on the cupcake! These are all the pics I got-I am fired at being a good Aunt and photographer!

This is Christian's cupcake that he insisted I take a picture of. Sorry Heath, I'm sure that's not what it looked like when it got home in the baggie.
Sunday night, Jared's family had the big Halloween party, with the parade. Here are a few pics. (BTW he is a turtle---not a frog! Jared!!)

Lanny, you gotta take the paper off babe! -it tastes much better that way.


Thais said...

Cute!! I knew he was a turtle!

Anonymous said...

Brandee, Landon is so cute!

Cody and Kylie said...

i like the additions to your hat brand! and i think lanny's was just about the cutest costume there was on sunday! not to mention that i love the kid! :)

Allison said...

Hey cutie! I haven't seen you forever!! I found your blog and I am going to link it to mine. Your baby is so cute. Boys are so much fun especially when they play in the toilet paper. (we've had our share!) I am excited to keep in contact!

Allison Ashby

Kelli said...

Hi Brandee! I found your blog and I am going to link it to mine. You are still absolutley stunning! Your little boy is so cute!