Monday, May 26, 2008

What to wear?

One of the things Landon does every morning, whether he is home with me or Jared, is he helps pick out his clothing for the day. Sometimes I just hand him the clothes and he holds on to them and sometimes I hold up two different things for him to chose. Which ever he grabs is what he wears. It kind of makes getting dressed a little more fun and interactive for him. Once he has his clothes, he helps carry them into the living room where we get him dressed.
Now that's another story. I'm sure it could be a comedy act to see one of us try to get him dressed as he trys to roll and scoot all over the house! Little Wigga! (BTW he's almost crawling, I'm sure by next week [when I hopefully update this] he will be crawling all over the hosue.)

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