Monday, May 05, 2008

We love our walks!

I know I promised I would update this. Nothing new and exciting is going on in our family but I do have a picture or two I'd like to share.

This first picture was about two weeks ago. I decided to go for a jog and I took Landon with me. It looked so nice outside and I dressed him in a T-shirt and shorts. I made sure I packed blankets and I at least thought about a jacket for him. (But soon came to find out I forgot to actually pack it!) We got out of the car and I got everything ready and I noticed how not-so-nice it was outsied, and I realized I totally forgot his jacket. Good thing I wore one for myself, because that became his. I didn't think it would work, but it actually worked quite well. I must admit I was so glad I brought my jacket so he could have one. While I was jogging I was quite cold. Good thing Landon was warm!

This next picture is from today. We went for a walk this afternoon. I had some things to pick up from Susan's and some things to drop off at Becca's; before the little one comes! Anyway, it was a beautiful day so I figured we would just walk over there. We visited with Grandma Susan for a while and then we headed over to Becca and Jordan's. We also visited with them for a while. We headed home around 4:30 (about 1 hour past Landon's nap time) and as you can see in the picture, if you can tell, (the picture is from my phone so it's not the best) Landon didn't quite make it home for his nap. He fell asleep on the way, holding his empty bottle!

Oh! One thing I forgot to mention, Landon does not like to have hats on! I put that had on, I swear, about twenty times! I could have easily given up but I did not put sunblock on his face, so I wanted to at least try to keep the sun off him.

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