Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Laundry and Nails

Ok so those of us in the Fitts family know it is not uncommon to find nails, screws, drill bits, etc. in the laundry. Mondays are my laundry days (and deep cleaning the kitchen, including moping the floors) so yesterday I was working away at my job. I had sorted all of the many different loads on the floor, which I always do. I had a darks pile, a lights pile and socks pile all on the floor and the rest were sorted in our neat-o sorter basket. I was working on the computer waiting to change loads (Free time- Lanny is napping). I realized there was something in the laundry room that I needed so I got up and went into the laundry room to get it, and to my surprise, I heard a funny popping sound and my foot kind of hurt. I instantly remembered the overly stuffed pocket, full of nails, in a pair of Jared's Khaki cargo shorts that I had emptied while sorting the clothes. I looked down and saw, not Khaki, but Navy. I had stepped on a pair of Jared's Navy cargo pants. Yep you guessed it right! I must have missed one nail, because his Navy pants were now nailed to my foot. Just my luck. I was very upset and frustrated, not because I stepped on the nail, but because I didn't have time or plans to deal with that. I had far better plans than spending 2 hours at the Insta-Care waiting for a dumb shot that would make my arm hurt just as bad as my foot!This picture is of my little blood trail through my kitchen on my newly mopped floor. When I saw this I was already frustrated, and it made me even more frustrated that I just started to cry. Not only do I have to take care of my foot and get a shot, but now I need to re-mop the stupid floor!

My sweet Jared felt so bad he bought me some flowers, a get well soon balloon, and some nice new cotton socks to make my feet comfy and feel better. What a sweetheart. It was not his fault, but he felt pretty bad. I must admit, so far, the second day is the worst! I'm just glad it was me now, rather than one of our kids later on.
LESSON TO BE LEARNED: Empty your pockets! or check ALL pockets before placing laundry on the floor!


Leslie said...

That sounds like it hurts!!! I hope you feel better. I understand how nap time is such precious time.

The Marchants said...

Didn't I see you on Monday night? I still haven't learned that lesson and one day I'm gonna end up paying like you did. I hope it feels better