Thursday, September 03, 2009

A day of baking

I was hosting a party at my house, so we were baking goodies all day. I put my apron on and got ready. When Lanny saw, he wanted to help... but he got a little distracted, so I was on my own.
Playing rock star with his guitar bubbles.
Dressed the part.

Even Cal was a great help!

Landon wanted to try his hand at photography- he's trying to take a picture of his brother.

And then here are a few fun pics from last week.

Jordan and Lexie came to hang out at our house.

Little play buildings/houses @ Thanksgiving Point Petting Zoo
He actually looks surprised to be in jail-even though we walked in ourselves!


The Marchants said...

Baking, hosting a party, and blogging all in one are a super mom! I'd like to do even one of those a day.

Cara and Gerriss said...

Those treats you made were incredible! Thanks for having a glitter toes party. It was so much fun! I have a new addiction. I feel like I need to try all the colors... Ha ha! :)

The Baker Family said...

So much fun. I'm glad to know your boy gets distracted too. My boys could never help me bake anything for that very reason. Are girls different??? Guess I'll never know...