Sunday, March 01, 2009

Nothin' a cookie can't fix!

Landon has been having a really rough day today. I don't know if he's getting sick, getting teeth, or just unhappy. He has been a pill all day long. Jare and I layed him down for a nap after church thinking that would make it all better, but.....45-60min later he woke up crying, crying, crying. Poor little guy. Finally after we tried for several minutes to put him back to sleep, singing to him, rubbing his back, laying by him; we decided to just let him get up.

I was in the middle of making cookies for dessert tonight and of course he wanted one. So he got one....I mean two! This made his day for a little while and then the evening he was back to his ornry slump. Hopefully a good night's rest will cure it!

*If you notice, I asked him to stay in the kitchen to eat his cookie, and he did(he went as far as he absolutely could before entering the living room). What a smart little guy!


Abigail said...

Sometimes we all need something a little sweet when we're feeling kinda down.
He was so cute in Primary when he wanted to stand on the stairs and speak into the microphone.

Cara and Gerriss said...

What a cutie!