Friday, February 06, 2009

Boys will be boys!

These are my two "Koda Dogs" licking the H2O off the table. Koda is the name of Christian's dog and he always wants to pretend he is Koda. He likes to pretend Landon is Koda too.

Valentine's Day is coming up and every year I tell myself that I am going to send out little love notes/cards. Well, it never happens. This year I am a little more on top of it. The boys and I made some cards. (Hopefully I'll just get them in the mail now) Ok, so I had to do all the paper cutting and writing, but the boys did the rest (ie. putting everything together with double sided stickies and deciding on placement of each paper). They even did some writing themselves. Here's how it turned out.

First they are playing with the cows and bees.

If you will notice, Christian's envelope is nice and straight, while Landon's is the crumpled heap of paper just above where he is working.Here are the finished cards. They turned out pretty good. Christian was so exicited to finally be able to put his card in his envelope, along with a few scraps of paper that had "special" notes to Mom, Dad, and Koda. I could barely make sure everything was in there all the way before he had it licked and sealed.

I don't know if you can tell, but the card that Landon is pointing to; the cow's feet are pulling up off the paper.

Well, the bee's and cow's have the puffy stickers that make them stand out off the paper and Landon decided to put the 3 I gave him, on top of one another, so the cow is sticking way off the paper and probably won't be there for very long cause it's gonna fall off! I left it that way because that's what he wanted. (He also enjoyed putting the double sided stickies all clumped together as well!-sweet boy)

And the close ups.

Notice the children's writting on them. (In pencil) We didn't get very many made so it shouldn't be too hard to get them sent out!


Heath1013 said...

Landon looks so grown up! ...Maybe I'll feed him coffee beans to keep him little for ever! :)

Cody and Kylie said...

I would have to agree with your sister, Landon does look like a little boy now...So cute! I'm glad you got them in the mail ;)