Tuesday, December 02, 2008

NEW but old toy!

This morning we found a new toy. We actually got it for Christmas last year but Landon is now old enough to use it. Thanks Grandma Susan! We had a great day with it! I think (hope) the batteries are almost dead.

(I don't know how to switch the video, it didn't have the option like pictures do, so I hope you don't get nauseaous trying to view it)


Cody and Kylie said...

he is so cute! i love that boy! glad that he is now officially my nephew! :)

ps. i cant keep all of you girl's crafting sights straight! haha but it looks like its all going well! love you guys!

lindsay Roscoe said...

Fun to see you guys and see that you have a growing family! We also have a blog you can checkout
Our twins and landon are about the same age the boys will be 18 months on the 12 of dec.

The Baker Family said...

That is so funny!! Don't you love how thoughtful family is in giving kids these lovely toys?? Ha Ha! It is quite funny that he likes to hear his own voice. How cute!

Aimee said...

Man, he is getting big! It is always SO disappointing when the batteries die! ;)