Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Lights

We put our Christmas lights up a weekend or two ago. (I'm a little behind) Okay, okay, so Jared put them up. I am so excited because this year we actually turned them on!!!

Those of you who saw our house last year and noticed we had lights up but they were never on, well it's because the power was never run to them. When Jared went to take them down, I tried to get him to turn them on at least once so that we could say we did, but he wasn't for it. This year I told him if we were going to have lights then they needed to have power so we could turn them on. I must admit he did a GREAT job! (I mean "they" Jared had a little helper) I love 'em! Especially my little blue tree!

Here are some pictures from the big event:

Landon was fascinated with the ladder. He absolutely did not want to let go of it!

We also celebrated Cody and Kylie's wedding here in Utah. Here are a couple of photos. Congrats Codes and Ky!

Landon spent the whole night playing on the stage and the 3 HUGE stairs leading up to it, and hiding behind the curtains. I'm sure he had a blast!

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melissa said...

Cute matching green ties! Merry Christmas to you guys. You'll have such a great one this year with Landon. Enjoy every minute!