Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Story of Landon

This is a picture of Jared and I at Sea World January 2007. I was 3 months pregnant with baby Landon!

So here's the funny story of Landon's birth. You will not believe this! He was born on Monday July 9, 2007.
The Friday before Landon was born, Jared injured his back at work and could not walk at all. I took him to the chiropractor on Saturday morning after it took 10min to get him out of the house and in the car. The chiropractor told him to rest up and take it easy over the weekend and come back in Monday morning at 8:00.
Sunday night, Jared was getting into bed and made the comment, "Little boy, you just need to wait 10 more hours." (We were worried that because Jared was layed up all weekend, and could barely walk, that I would go into labor even though it was a week too early.)Well, 3:00a.m. Monday morning! WAKE UP! Contractions galore! My water broke and I started into labor. I woke Jared up and told him that my water broke and he needed to get up and get ready to go to the hospital. He thought I was joking him because he made that comment. I showered and grabbed that hospital bags, while stoping and breathing through the contractions. The funny thing is while I would stop and breath through the contractions, Jared would stop and breath through the pain he was having from his back spasms.
So we are ready to go to the hospital and again it is taking 10min to get Jared out of the house and into the car. Jared could barely walk and he kept having back spasms so he couldn't drive. I loaded him and our bags into the car and climbed in the driver's seat.
The hospital is about 10-15min from our house, not a long drive. As we are driving along, luckily it was about 3:30a.m. and I started to have a contraction, so I just pulled over to the side of the road and breathed through it. Yes, again, Jared is breathing through another spasm. We only had to pull over twice, then we got to the Women's Center. I dropped Jared off at the door while I parked the car and carried the bags in. (I forgot to mention that he couldn't stand up straight either-the reason why I carried the bags)
We get inside and I start having another contraction so I stop and breath through it while Jared goes to the nurses station and tells them I am down the hall having contractions and need to c
heck in and he needs to go to the ER. So pretty funny, Jared goes to the ER while I am getting checked in with the nurse.
Ok, so you think oh my it couldn't get worse...well it does. He spends about 30min in the ER, the fastest I think they have ever been. (I worked at that hospital and the ER visits were usually hours) He comes back and the Anesthesiologist is in the room with me and over hears Jared say what kind of meds the ER gave him t o make it through the morning. He said "oh no, don't take that otherwise you'll be out the whole day and you won't remember anything." So he prescribed him some Valium.
At this point I'm thinking, no way is he going remember this day if
he is on Valium. (I've seen how Valium affects people) He takes the Valium and feels much better, but boy is he funny to watch on Valium! Ok it's time for the baby and what d'ya know, Jared is with
it and knows everything that is going on! I bet you didn't think it was going to end like that. It did, and Landon was born. 9:09a.m. 6lbs 11 oz 21in long. Sweet little boy!

This is the doctor Landon was named after. When I was 16 I was diagnosed with bone cancer. This is my Oncologist and he saved my life. He is a wonderful man!

Landon is playing in the leaves, Fall 2007!


Landon is now 8 months and weighs about 18lbs. He loves hanging out with his Daddy, especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

We love our Baby Landon!


Our Family said...
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Our Family said...
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Our Family said...

Yeah! I'm so excited you did your blog. Landon is getting so big and so dang cute! BTW those 2 earlier comments were from me. I obviously don't know how to leave comments yet and somehow it left 2 of the same one so I deleted it and it ended up deleting both of them.- tessie

Mom said...

Your story is very amusing. And how cool that you named him after your oncologist. He is adorable, but you probably already know that.