Sunday, September 07, 2014

End of summer fun & back to school

We use to LOVE the Zoo...when there were only 2 kids! (something about being outnumbered, at the zoo, with small children, has not enticed me enough to go regularly like we use to) We were invited to join our cousins and I thought, why not! there will be another adult there to help with the 8 children when combined! My children absolutely LOVED it! They keep asking when we can go again. I must admit, the zoo has changed so much, I kind of didn't know where we were at times.

Our favorite part was the dry splash pad...and then the water finally got turned on and we could NOT get the kids away from it!

The last week of the summer, we spent at the cabin with our cousins. All the kids had so much fun, they didn't want the week to end! It rained a lot of the time we were there so we spent it indoors. Which was not fun for Remmy, but when the weather was nice, we took advantage of it and went out to play.


Amelia found my makeup while we were there and while we were packing up to leave. At least she knows that the eyeliner goes on the eye! (unlike the lipstick...all over my bed!)
And now it's back to school for Landon!
I can not believe I have a 2nd grader! Where did the time go?!
He's such a sweet and thoughtful big brother.
1 week later Calvin started Kindergarten. Oh they grow so fast! He was so excited to start school. I'm not so sure.

The following day it was Maddie's turn to start Pre-school. Why drag it out over 2 weeks. Just give me the shock of having 3 children in school all at once!
She was really excited to start pre-school and to wear her Dusty Crophopper backpack. Such a cute little girl! She didn't even cry at all. (I'm sure it helped, having her 2 cousins in her class!)

Maddie's back to school haircut!

Pre-school orientation
And one of the many 100 random photos I found on my camera. All of them are of the tablet and a child playing a game on my phone! (Thank goodness for digital cameras!)

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