Friday, October 30, 2009

Playing indoors

The weather hasn't been the best these past few days and I am not looking forward to what that means. Anyway, my boys and I were spending the day indoors while it was snowing and raining outside. While running out of things to do to occupy our time, and I had had ENOUGH of "mouse" I decided to try my hand at photography. Here are a few of the pictures I took. BTW- I included some pictures that my 2yr old took, I bet you can guess whose are which!

The little boy formerly known as Landon has now changed his identity to:

Buzz Lightyear

Now I know what life looks like from his point of view

Keep up the good work Buzz, soon you'll be a pro!

1 comment:

The Baker Family said...

That is so funny. I love the pic of the toilet/toilet paper! That's hilarious.