Wednesday, May 06, 2009

We love Fitts Park! (AKA The Duck Park)

Ok so the truth is....I needed some space in my freezer. I always put our old bread and the ends of the loafs in the freezer to save for that "someday we can feed the ducks". Well, it turns out I had 3 loaf bags full of frozen bread! I defrosted it and we made a day of it.

I packed a lunch for Christian, Landon, and myself and we ate at the pavillion. The boys thought that was so much fun. After lunch, Grandpa met us there and fed the ducks with us. We also had a surprise guest join us. Jared was actually able to take a lunch break and he met us there too. He couldn't stay long, but it was a nice surprise.

Usually when we feed the ducks, they can't get enough and it's all we can do to get the bread to them fast enough. Not today. Either someone must have gone through the park with a bread machine before us or the ducks were fasting, because they had no interest what-so-ever in our bread. At first I was sad and thought about saving the bread for another day, but then I realized that it was mainly the action of throwing the bread into the river (or on the bank-Lanny) that the boys liked. Plus the thought of storing that much bread again--NO WAY!

Also, there are not many photos, because boys will be boys and of course they couldn't get close enough so I spent the whole time trying to keep them from falling in the river! We had a great time and I can't wait to go again. Hopefully it is before there is 3 bags of bread! I must admit I enjoy the extra space in my freezer! Thanks for joining us Grandpa and Jare!

When we got home, Lanny napped while Christian and I played outside all afternoon. He had a long day and was worn out. I think he sat down for maybe 5 or 10 minutes and he was out. Poor guy. Doesn't look comfy to me at all!


Heath1013 said...

It looks like you guys had such a fun day. I wish I could have been there with you! Thank you for always taking such good care of Christian - not to mention going on such fun adventures with him! :) I love you! xoxoxo

The Baker Family said...

How fun!! I love that the warm weather is coming back and we can go outside and do things like feed the ducks!!! 3 loaves of bread? Wow- that's a lot of ends...

Kim said...

How fun.... that is a great idea to feed the cute little ducks! You are a good mom!:)