Sunday, November 23, 2008


Okay, so I have tried to update my blog twice now and I am unable to upload photos. I have a post ready, it just needs pictures. I will let it rest for a few days and try again later. So be sure to check again soon.

Also, those of you who have sound and speakers, I appologize I have not updated my music. I don't even remember what is on my list. Jared got me my own computer so we don't have to share anymore and, it doesn't have sound so I totally forget I have music. If you just turn the volume down you can have a computer like me and then I don't need to worry about the play list :)


Jenny Zestful Life said...

Brandee you're so funny. Your blog is great and I don't think anyone would mind. Hope the computer will co-operated with ya soon. Happy Thanksgivig to you and your family. I'll come and pick up my stuffs tonite. I don't get off until 7pm. If you're not home just leave it outside by your mail box. Thanks again!!!

Heath1013 said...

When it rains it pours... Hang in there Brand. You are the most dedicated blogger I know. :) Love you!