Thursday, April 10, 2008

Peeps Anyone?

Peeps are one of Jared's (and most of the Fitts Family, as I understand) favorite Easter candies, (besides the waxy 1lb chocolate Easter Bunny) and so I figured since he has obviously inherited the Fitts Family "Computer" gene (see picture below), then maybe he would enjoy Peeps, along with the Fitts Family. We gave him one for each hand, and I expected them to go straight into his mough (since anything and everything usually goes straight there) but not the Peeps, he just sat there and stared at them while he was squishing them like he was milking a cow. I had to actually put them in his mouth. (You can tell the longer he had them in his mouth, the more he liked them) Once he had them in his mouth, of course because they are just sugar, they started to disolve. We took pictures as fast as we could. As soon as we got the pictures, we took the Peeps from him and cleaned up his purple Smirk. He wasn't very happy with us cause he wasn't qutie done with the little, fluffy, purple balls of sugar. Yes, you guessed it! He inherited the Peeps genes.


mandy said...

Hi Brandee,
Cute pictures. Jaxon and Jordan have the same shirt. I love your blog. My friends are trying to get me to start one up. I'll let you know if I do. Love ya.

Emlyn said...

We didn't have Peeps at our house this year because Jeremy doesn't like them. Millie really enjoyed the Cadbury creme egg center that Daddy fed her, though!

Valerie said...

You are such a wonderful wife, carrying on the Fitts tradition. Landon sure looks cute and I love the adorable smile he has in the top picture. It is hard to capture those.